A Unique and Proprietary Online Estate Planning Experience

Let's face it - estate planning is nothing new, in fact, it has been around for centuries in one form or another. What is different is that we now live in a digital age where most segments of our lives are dictated and driven by Internet technology.

Silver Rock steps outside the box of ordinary estate planning to offer something very special and innovative. Silver Rock is without a doubt the best and the first in providing high net worth individuals with unique virtual estate and high-end life insurance planning.

As a leader in cutting-edge Internet based estate planning we are the only firm in the country and perhaps in the world that makes available such a secure and proprietary online experience.

Brief Company History 

Tradition and multi-generational leadership are at the very essence of the Silver Rock Partners difference. Today steering with great accuracy, Ron Roth is currently at the helm of the organization. Ron’s father and his grandfather before him trace a history back all the way to the 1930's in the life insurance business. Ron’s grandfather joined Metropolitan Life in 1930. He quickly rose through the corporate ranks at Metropolitan to eventually become the Head Actuary and to sit on the Board of Directors of this prestigious insurance company. In 1962, Ron’s father Barry joined the business where he then choose to diversify family interests by working with Equitable Life. Barry went on to become a respected producer and a top manager with Equitable. He continued with the family business well into the 1990's.

Ron came on board in 1987 and has maintained the same dedication to quality client care that has been evident throughout several generations. Ron's vision and desire has been to grow the organization from a regional firm to a more nationally focused insurance organization. By welcoming and encouraging new affiliates and associates Ron has been instrumental in growing the size and the scope of the firm.

His vision and objective now is to propel Silver Rock Partners to national firm status. This is best exemplified in the recent nationwide launch of the firm's innovative and intuitive website. This is truly the most critical and pivotal next step in the ongoing family legacy of Ron, his father Barry and his Grandfather Irving. This new state-of-the-art website is fully intended to take the company to the leading-edge and forefront of the industry. To date, very few firms have been able to create an interactive interface where the client and digital technology merge gracefully. Silver Rock aims to change this in a big way. The company has effectively joined technology and the insurance industry in a very favorable light. The end result is a process that is more accessible and convenient for affluent clients and business owners.

Ron is widely known for his impressive background and has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table throughout his tenure. This includes establishing an impressive career with Equitable Life, the third largest insurance company in the country at that time (Equitable Life is now AXA Financial.) Having been a top manager in the corporate world Ron, is a results driven individual committed to long-term client relationships.

Silver Rock Partners understands the inner-workings of insurance companies and incorporates this knowledge so as to be a genuine advocate on behalf of the client’s best interest. Ron has worked with one of the worlds largest insurance companies in the country and has infused that experience into to the multi-generational firm known as Silver Rock Partners


Our Mission

What makes our organization a truly unique and exclusive insurance firm? In short, the company digs deeper for the best possible insurance products for its valued clients. The firm has an exhaustive resource of companies to refer to for underwriting purposes. This simply means that clients enjoy the best value and the highest quality insurance products. We have greater leverage with our carriers because we do greater volume. Our seasoned underwriter analysts are able to derive an accurate interpretation of a client’s health in order to make a more favorable case for that client. Equally important is the fact that Silver Rock Partners is involved directly with insurance companies when assessing risk.

This is a powerful aspect that is intended to greatly benefit the client. We underwrite in coordination and in collaboration with the insurance carrier to always provide the most favorable outcome for the insured. The analysts of Silver Rock are a dedicated group of specialists who are fluent experts in the marketplace. In fact, statistically speaking only about the top 1% in the industry has the ability to work in the high-net-worth estate planning and life insurance underwriting market. In basic terms Silver Rock consists of an exclusive group of individuals severing an exclusive market. Addressing and serving the need of an exclusive and affluent clientele is what we do best.

The Silver Rock Partners team is a group with a solid vision. The team consists of nationally recognized analysts with significant track records when it comes to working in a sophisticated high-net-worth marketplace. It is important to note that many clients make the mistake of having estate planning performed through investment brokers. While this may be convenient, it is not always the best strategy. Insurance professionals working in investment firms will typically not be as experienced or have the same resources as those in a firm that specializes exclusively in life insurance products and services. In truth, investment firms are an excellent choice for investment-related advise or planning. However, Silver Rock is a true expert in providing insurance advice and planning services for affluent individuals.

High-net-worth professionals and individuals trust Silver Rock Partners to provide detailed and focused estate-planning services. We have an established history and believe that a reputation is earned and never given. Click here to learn more today!