Discover A Powerful Retirement Wealth-Building Tool

Virtually every business owner today is looking for new ways of becoming more tax efficient. That said a retirement plan is not usually the first place a business owner looks in terms of tax solutions. However, cutting-edge, emerging strategies are quickly turning the employer-sponsored retirement plan into a powerful wealth-building tool. One of these strategies is known as the “cash balance plan,” which allows employers to make tax-deductible six-figure contributions each year. It is also worth noting that these contributions grow on a very beneficial tax-deferred basis.

Let’s say that Rachel owns a small business and has an adjusted gross income of $400,000.  With no cash balance retirement contribution she would pay $103,000 in federal taxes. If she had a cash balance plan, she would pay $51,000 in federal taxes, and have a tax savings of $52,000. That is certainly worth getting excited about.

A cash balance plan can be attached to an existing 401k plan, or set up on its own. Either way, like all retirement plans, a cash balance plan allows the employer to retain key employees by offering greater benefits. No other plans, however, offer the laser-focused tax-efficiency that this type of plan makes possible. Using this unique and advantageous strategy ensures a long-lasting legacy for almost any business owner today.

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