Version 1.0 Of The Silver Rock Partners’ Virtual Estate Plan Tool Just Released

Innovative And Custom Approach

Silver Rock Partners is proud to announce the much-anticipated release of its newest advanced virtual estate planning technology. Several months in development, this unique, innovative and custom approach to estate planning for high-net-worth individuals is designed to add convenience and simplicity to the entire estate planning process. Completely unique to Silver Rock Partners, the virtual estate-planning tool that is now made available on our site is changing the way expert planning of this nature is conducted in the digital age.

Fair Market Value

The IRS defines an estate tax as a tax on an individual’s right to transfer property at time of death. The IRS goes on to define an estate tax as an accounting of interests and ownership in physical items as well as financial assets. Typically speaking, the fair market value of these items is calculated to determine something known as a “Gross Estate.” Everything from business interests and trusts to annuities, insurance, real estate, securities and even cash must be taken into account when striving to accurately calculate estate taxes.

Estate Administration Costs

Most importantly, once a gross estate has been determined there are a variety of deductions and even reductions that are allowed so as to arrive at an accurate “Taxable Estate.” As defined at, deductions can include everything from estate administration costs to mortgage debt and other types of debt. Deductions may also include property that is passed along to qualified charities or a surviving spouse. In addition, under certain circumstances the value of specific operating business interests may be effectively reduced for qualifying estates.

Skilled And Dedicated Advisors

Once net amounts have been calculated, the value of all lifetime taxable gifts is then added so that a final tax may be calculated. The final tax may also be reduced by any available unified credit. This information can be viewed in greater detail by visiting the IRS website as shown here. While Silver Rock Partners does not offer any legal advice, specific tax advice or accounting advice, our skilled and dedicated advisors with years of experience in estate related planning can help guide affluent individuals in creating a tax efficient estate plan going forward. Maximizing tax credits and optimizing tax efficiency can have a considerable impact on a legacy and the quality of life of that heirs may expect in the future.

List Of Companies Reviewed

The Virtual Estate Plan Analysis is a sample digital estate plan that includes examples and discussions on everything from Federal estate tax schedules to a summary of a husband’s will and wife’s will as well as a summary of a single life trust agreement. Also presented in the virtual planning tool is information on survivorship trusts, a revocable living trust, healthcare proxies, and a durable power of attorney. In addition, a HIIPA document, insurance schedule and a list of companies reviewed are also offered in this digitally advanced planning resource. Sample documents including actual wills as well as detailed information on a wide variety of estate type planning related data and issues are also presented.

Value Added Service

Silver Rock Partners has created a value added service for its clients in this new and innovative virtual estate-planning tool. Cutting-edge Internet technology and years of experience are why so many successful individuals, families and business owners from around the country are turning to Silver Rock Partners for expert estate planning. With primary locations in New York, Miami and Los Angeles, Silver Rock Partners also serves clients in other areas throughout the country. Contact Silver Rock Partners today to learn more about experiencing a virtual online tour of an actual sample estate plan today.

View a preview of the actual Virtual Estate Plan Analysis here