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We are an exclusive insurance firm dedicated to providing high-net-worth families and affluent individuals with a comprehensive variety of tax efficiency and wealth preservation tools and solutions. We deliver real and tangible results for the financial constraints and challenges that are encountered on a day-to-day basis in business and estate planning. In short, our firm offers sophisticated concepts that are designed to better manage substantial wealth and assets. This is so that wealth can be passed forward to future generations in the most cost efficient and tax efficient way possible.


Wealth Preservation That Is Driven By Measurable metrics

Changing and evolving financial circumstances as well as fluctuating markets and variations in existing tax rules can directly impact an individual’s ability to properly manage wealth creation and to adequately secure wealth for the long-term. Preserving wealth requires the expert implementation of a sophisticated plan going forward. Silver Rock Partners works with professionals in various disciplines such as the legal and accounting field to help clients attain their goals and objectives in s decisive way.


Reliable Solutions For Affluent Families And Individuals

Our clients are foreign nationals in search of innovative tax efficiency solutions along with high-net-worth individuals who require professional portfolio management. In addition, those who face insurance obstacles as a direct result of health concerns will find Silver Rock Partners to be a firm that is focused on real answers and solutions. Successful business owners, corporate executives, savvy investors and those with an established family legacy trust the Silver Rock Partners difference. We are here for you.


Outstanding Tax Performance For Foreign Nationals

Specific cases where Silver Rock Partners can make a difference includes working with foreign nationals who are striving to maximize tax efficiency. For example the current tax exemption for US citizens is $5.4 million per person. This suggests that a married couple will be able to convey forward to a succeeding generation within their family a total of $10.8 million in a tax-free manner. Foreign nationals typically do not enjoy this same advantage. Silver Rock Partners makes available techniques and strategies intended to level the playing field for foreign nationals so that greater estate tax efficiency is achieved.


Virtual Online Estate Planning | Advanced Proprietary Internet Technology

Silver Rock Partners is recognized as an industry leader in planning and implementing survivor life, succession planning, second-to-die and high-net-worth insurance policy planning. We have spearheaded state-of-the-art virtual online estate planning that is deployed as an initial introduction for clients. Our firm’s affluent clients can easily review our programs from the comfort of home or the office before making a larger commitment. We are then able to schedule an in-person meeting with our firm in order to discuss results driven estate planning in greater detail. Innovative virtual estate planning is what sets our firm apart from other organizations.


Minimizing Risk And Maximizing Reward

Creative concepts and intelligent planning are core assets of Silver Rock Partners. Our Firm is focused on shielding a client’s assets from inefficient or otherwise unnecessary taxation. Optimizing estate planning for both foreign nationals and US citizens in order to protect wealth from taxes assessed in the US is what we do each day. This is accomplished in an ethical, transparent and clear fashion. Silver Rock Partners is dedicated to trusted client support in estate planning. For those who may be paying an excessive rate for insurance because of health related issues we have answers.


Innovation For Today's high-net-worth individuals and families

For discerning individuals who require greatly improved overall tax efficiency, we are standing by and ready to provide guidance and assistance. Explore the options related to high-net-worth term life insurance that is dedicated to tax efficiency.

At Silver Rock Partners we help clients manage risk in a smart and innovative way. Click here to get started. 



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