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Key strategies And Solutions for the uninsurable

Silver Rock Partners is an established firm with a solid footing in the various aspects of life insurance for the uninsurable. Today more than ever before a major concern among affluent and high net worth individuals is the challenge of paying substandard rates because of preexisting or current health related issues. Simply stated, a risk is considered to be uninsurable if an insurance provider is unable to calculate reasonable risk for a client. When an insurance provider is unable to determine a premium that an individual should pay they typically will not insure that person. Silver Rock Partners provides clients with the best opportunity to address this concern. Those with underwriting issues due to health challenges turn to us for creative and measurable results.


What can an uninsurable person do?


One of the primary strategies used by Silver Rock Partners to assist those who are otherwise considered to be uninsurable is to simply locate and secure quality life insurance products. One of the ways that our firm makes this possible is through building relationships with and utilizing a large number of nationwide carriers. In short, we make options available to high-net-worth clients, foreign national clients and others that would otherwise not be available. In recent decades many individuals have increasingly been turned-down by other firms for one reason or another and left to assume that they are for all intents and purposes uninsurable. Silver Rock Partners cuts through the confusion by maintaining a working relationship with the country's top 60 insurance companies. In addition, we maintain an in-house medical director who helps position our clients' medical issues in the most favorable light to our insurance carriers.  This is intended to provide our clients with the opportunity to obtain the best possible life insurance package. Silver Rock Partners is dedicated to serving clients in a reliable and trusted way. Call Today.


How Is It possible to insure the uninsurable?

From the perspective of underwriting, the clients of Silver Rock Partners are in many ways viewed more favorably by insurance carriers. Because of sheer size and the number of relationships that have been established by our firm over the years, we are remarkably qualified to assist those who believe that they may be uninsurable. High-net-worth individuals and those with substantial assets in search of fairly priced life insurance in spite of any health related issues, conditions or concerns trust the Silver Rock Partners name.

There are indeed a large number of life insurance products for the uninsurable that are available and that often go under the radar. Products intended specifically for those with health problems or for those who are in poor health can be found by choosing to work with a Silver Rock Partners adviser. Clients who have been told that they are uninsurable should know that this is not always an accurate assessment. This is especially true with regard to clients who even have health problems and that can be expected to live a long healthy life otherwise. From cholesterol concerns to high blood pressure and depression as well as asthma and diabetes along with other conditions, there are many factors that must be considered when custom tailoring a policy for anyone who is considered uninsurable.



estate planning and better financial control

Silver Rock Partners is a multi-generational insurance firm with decades of experience in the industry. We cut through the clutter and get to the very core of the issue to help our clients enjoy the quality insurance products that they expect, demand and deserve. Creative insurance planning for the uninsurable can help individuals in any stage of life with more effective estate planning and better total financial control. Being protected from the risks associated with premature death, major medical expenses and long-term disabilities as well as long-term care can be as simple as choosing the right type of insurance policy or product. Anytime an individual is considered high risk because of a preexisting or prior medical condition it should never be a limiting factor. Especially for those who seek long-term financial stability and the best in legacy or estate planning. Talk with Silver Rock Partners today to learn more,


metrics used to determine an actual risk profile | the benefits of survivorship life insurance products

Another key factor to consider when it comes to being determined uninsurable is that of changing medical conditions and overall wellness. For example, those with steadily improving health will find that they will be more insurable over time. When one's medical condition is stable and health is improving the likelihood of acquiring a favorable insurance product is generally improved. Silver Rock Partners takes into account all aspects of the whole person to find the most suitable and desirable life insurance policy possible. Even the option of being reassessed by a life insurance organization should be a key strategy for clients. While it is true that those with better health enjoy better premiums, there are many opportunities available to all who were once believed to be uninsurable.

An excellent tool frequently used in helping those who are considered uninsurable to gain insurance coverage is something known as a survivorship policy. This type of policy is intended for a married couple so that they can be insured together and where the benefits are paid only after either a husband or wife has passed away. This is an effective strategy for insuring the uninsurable because a carrier is not underwriting an individual separately. Silver Rock Partners helps clients in all stages of life to better manage uninsurable situations, events and occurrences. Team Silver Rock is strongly focused on quality customer service and attention to detail. Contact an adviser today and explore your options. Call or click here for real insurance solutions. 


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