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A diversified portfolio should always include life insurance as a smart investment alternative. When life insurance is properly and carefully structured it allows for excellence in all facets of legacy planning and estate planning.

Silver Rock Partners works with affluent individuals in order to set into motion impressive high-net-worth insurance planning strategies. Most importantly, there is no individual or financial institution that is too big or too small for the expert services offered by our firm. In fact, Silver Rock Partners has an impressive track record of working with a varied range of clients. From estates in the $500 million range to small individual accounts, our team of dedicated professionals provides the same detailed and impressive service and uncompromising respect for clients.

Protect Beneficiaries

Leveraging all that life insurance makes possible is what we do best. The primary goal and objective or our firm is to always maximize opportunities with regard to preserving a client’s wealth and passing on a legacy. Conventional wisdom has shown that life insurance has become a major factor for high net worth individuals looking to maintain the value of a portfolio. Silver Rock Partners offers clear and concise planning that is intended to protect beneficiaries, foreign nationals and affluent individuals with a high net worth.


calculated legacy planning requires focused attention on the various tax implications. a Tax efficiency plan intended to preserve wealth for future generations should simply be a matter of policy.

Those with affluent status or a high-net-worth will typically find it necessary to counterbalance the complexities of today's modern tax system. Safe and reliable tax efficiency requires smart estate planning and aggressive legacy coordinating strategies. Silver Rock Partners is a trusted and respected firm in the insurance industry that offers guidance and assistance for those who demand the very best planning. Maintaining an asset portfolio that is not ravaged by excessive taxation is the primary goal of our firm. Eliminating estate taxes for future generations is the key to any long-term family legacy. Providing heirs guaranteed long-term success is achievable and within reach.

Preserve Wealth

Protecting an IRA and other retirement financial vehicles is more manageable with the right guidance. Silver Rock Partners helps heirs avoid the double taxation issue upon a principal's death. Most importantly, the value of an IRA can be increased substantially by simply taking advantage of innovative and creative techniques. Leveraging life insurance to preserve wealth and create better inheritance planning is what our firm is known for in professional circles. The life insurance and IRA connection is vital to long-term estate planning. Mitigating tax liability requires understanding that insurance policy payouts are typically not penalized by estate taxes.

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Impressive tax efficiency is best achieved through creative and innovative life insurance products. The strategic use of life insurance can create the desired goal for those with a focus on legacy planning that benefits heirs.


Innovative estate planning that is intended to allow families to continue to prosper when a principal passes-on guarantees that families are well protected through generations. Another important aspect of legacy planning is that of business owners ensuring that a business operation will continue to maintain its value even after the business owner has passed away. One key aspect of achieving the best results with high-net-worth insurance products is to lock in low premiums at an early age. This is why it is so important for affluent individuals to secure quality insurance products sooner rather than later.

Generate Income

By maintaining life insurance that is intended to protect assets and supplement income, high net worth individuals can enjoy better overall lifestyle protection. From attorneys to doctors and entrepreneurs as well as others who have achieved substantial financial and physical assets, extraordinary insurance products are absolutely essential. Expert insurance planning simply means that a business or organization will continue to operate and generate income long after the founder has passed-on. High net worth individuals wishing to put financial assets to work routinely consider unique and beneficial legacy planning options presented by Silver Rock Partners.


One of the most reliable estate planning tools available today is life insurance. Providing security for heirs requires leveraging the intricate aspects of life insurance and all that it has to offer.

Focused estate planning that integrates life insurance into the total picture can produce impressive results for high net worth individuals. Leaving heirs as much as possible is best achieved through legacy planning and estate planning that has as its primary component life insurance. Reducing tax burdens in a transparent, ethical and fair way is why Silver Rock Partners has continued to garner the respect of the industry and clients. Team Silver Rock advisers understand the specialized requirements of affluent individuals. Guaranteeing that a legacy will live on in assured virtual perpetuity should always be the prime objective of quality estate planning.

Structured Payouts

Success minded individuals with a high net worth should expect to structure an estate is such a way that assets and wealth are fully protected. This would include offsetting the ill effects of misguided taxation, family-member misuse and improper financial asset allocation. Structured payouts and conditional payouts as well as many other custom-crafted strategies can be implemented as a way to protect future generations. For beneficiaries to gain the most from patrimony it is necessary to plan accordingly. Preserving wealth and securing the lifestyle of future generations demands that affluent success-minded individuals have access to the best in estate planning. Silver Rock Partners helps and delivers in this regard. Click here to contact our experts today. 


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