Silver Rock Partners works closely with those who have accumulated or are accumulating substantial and diverse financial assets to better manage all phases of estate planning. Our dedicated firm has expertise in high-net-worth insurance, estate planning, and insuring those with foreign national status in a decisive and effective manner. Successful individuals and business owner trust our level of commitment. Silver Rock Partners provides innovative and solution driven high-end insurance products and tax efficiency planning for discerning clients. By coordinating with accountants and law firms as well as other advisors we deliver the best solutions possible. Talk with our firm today! We are here to assist you in achieving your objectives!

Insurance & Estate Planning

Sophisticated Financial Solutions


High-Net-Worth Estate Planning

Those in search of a high-net-worth insurance policy expect the best. Silver Rock Partners offers tax efficiency solutions, succession planning, survivor life and second-to-die coverage for those with unique high-net-worth insurance planning requirements.

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Helping The Uninsured

There are instances and many unique cases where an individual is considered to be uninsurable primarily because of health related issues. Silver Rock Partners cuts through the conventional wisdom to help those who require insurance to find a suitable product.

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Insurance for Foreign Nationals

Foreign nationals who own sizable assets and who have significant estate tax issues turn to Silver Rock Partners for estate tax planning solutions. Work with a trusted insurance firm that understands estate tax issues that are the result of owning substantial assets.

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Explore Your Options Today

We bring years of dedicated experience to the table when it comes to multiplying wealth with unique and powerful life insurance resources. Knowing how to leverage life insurance to your advantage and growing a legacy has never been more intuitive. We offer our success minded clients the following:

  • Tax Efficiency Strategies/High Net Worth Planning

  • Improved Coverage on Existing Plans For Less

  • Exclusive Rated Life Insurance Policies

  • Options & Helping The Uninsured

  • Survivor Life & Succession Planning

  • Expertise in helping Foreign Nationals

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Discernment & Trust

Silver Rock Partners is known throughout the industry for providing guidance and extraordinary solutions for exclusive and high-end insurance product planning. The insurance industry is a fluid and dynamic market that requires the skill, knowledge and expertise of focused insurance professionals. We deliver in this regard. Ongoing wealth preservation and ongoing financial success calls for working with a life insurance advisor who gets it! Schedule an expert consultation today!

We are an independent life insurance brokerage agency with your long-term success in mind. From wealth transfer concepts to multi-generational wealth planning, high net-worth clients trust and respect the financial acumen of our established firm.

Silver Rock Partners believes that a reputation is earned and never given. We pride ourselves on maintaining a level of confidentiality and professionalism that is simply beyond compare.


Schedule a confidential consultation today with Silver Rock Partners and achieve extraordinary results in creating and maintaining wealth. We assist our clients in attaining remarkable financial milestones each and every day.

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