Insurance Products For Affluent Foreign Nationals

SilverRock Partners and Foreign National Insurance

Perhaps one of the most pressing concerns for residents of other countries transacting in the U.S. is that of excessive estate tax burdens. For example, when a foreign national attempts to transfer assets upon their death they will likely encounter major tax efficiency issues. Silver Rock Partners understands these challenges and is dedicated to working closely with affluent individuals from foreign countries who are wishing to establish and maintain better control of estate tax issues. The first determining factor when addressing foreign national insurance is that of tax reciprocity. In short, while some countries do have tax reciprocity agreements in place with the US, most do not. This is where Silver Rock Partners can help.


Underwriting Foreign Nationals and Reciprocity Agreements

When breaking this concept down in terms of actual numbers the distinction can be quite surprising. For example, in light of the fact that a typical married couple in the US will enjoy a combined $22.8 million in total estate tax exemption when transferring assets to heirs upon death, a foreign national will only realize a lackluster $60 thousand for the same asset transfer event. Simply stated, in the absence of a reciprocity agreement, those from other countries suffer substantial estate asset losses unless they take a proactive approach to the situation. Silver Rock Partners has years of experience in assisting and underwriting foreign nationals in gaining a more decisive control over their estate and legacy assets.


Policies Designed for High Net Worth Individuals

Foreign nationals who are contemplating the buying or selling of assets in the United States may be well advised to consider this situation and plan accordingly. Those from other countries with a high net worth who are in search of experienced and focused estate planning and legacy planning routinely turn to Silver Rock Partners. The firm has a proven track record and a reputation that speaks for itself. This respected multi-generational insurance firm clearly understands that a reputation is earned and never given. This is perhaps why so many foreign nations call upon Silver Rock Partners year after year. Tax efficiency, high-net-worth policies and survivor life along with succession planning and insurance for the uninsurable are just a few of the products offered.

Reducing Risk and Increasing Reward Is a Prime Objective

Taking the entire process a step further, Silver Rock Partners has developed lasting professional relationships with law firms and accounting firms to further facilitate assistance to clients. Affluent foreign nationals with wealth going back several generations require detailed tax efficiency planning when established in the United States. Reducing risk and increasing reward for clients is always the prime objective of Silver Rock Partners. Excellent wealth management and results-driven wealth preservation is what our firm makes available to those with a sophisticated portfolio. We provide customized solutions for clients that work so that we may enjoy lasting long-term relationships. We help you achieve your financial goals.


Favorable Transfer of Wealth to Beneficiaries

Protecting a legacy from overwhelming estate tax liability has an excellent remedy in simply establishing the right type of life insurance policy. Simply put, a life insurance policy is not considered under U.S. tax code to be part of a foreign national’s U.S. Gross estate holdings. As such, death benefits are not subject to estate taxes in the United States. The end result is a favorable transfer of wealth and assets to beneficiaries or heirs that is perfectly intact. When those from other countries establish a life insurance policy that is inline with estimated U.S. estate tax liability, foreign national beneficiaries and heirs are then able to retain control of financial assets that will be necessary to pay any estate taxes in the United States.

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