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Mike is a technology professional who has been able to bring dynamic Internet diversity to the Silver Rock Partners digital communication platform. Mike enjoyed a successful 22 year career as an accomplished airline captain with thousands of hours operating large jet transports. He has flown a wide range of modern commercial passenger aircraft including the B-757, B-767 and B-737. With an impeccable safety record flying to destinations worldwide, he choose to spend the last few years in the airline sector living abroad in India and flying for a foreign airline. As a B-767 assistant fleet manager for Air Sahara Airlines in India, he established initial international routing and overflight approval between Delhi and London Heathrow Airport. Mike wrote a major portion of the SOPs or Standard Operating Procedures, pilot training manuals and operations manuals for the airline and coordinated landing rights in several countries outside of India. Between writing manuals he was actively flying as one of the airline's International line-pilots.

Returning from India he choose to target new challenges and as such transitioned into the tech sector. As a self-taught web designer and Internet marketing expert Mike took the industry by storm by designing and deploying web properties for law firms, health care providers and others. With a strong focus on organic online branding he teamed up with Silver Rock Partners in 2015 and has been instrumental in launching the firms new tech-savvy website and its energetic real-time Internet marketing campaign. Mike shares in the company vision of scaling the Silver Rock brand to a larger national audience by capitalizing on unique web-based technology and mobile-connectivity. Having earned a B.S. degree in Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in 1987, Mike went on to fly transport category jet aircraft throughout South and Central America, as well as Japan, Africa, Mexico and Canada. He earned the rank of B-737 Captain at the early age of only 32. As an active partner with Silver Rock, Mike's focus now is entirely on uncovering new and innovative techniques for leveraging the Internet and mobile connectivity to implement, refine and perfect aggressive, responsive and smart branding efforts for the firm going forward.