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Having earned a trusted reputation as an expert adviser for a considerable number of closely held business owners, Seamus has more than 15 years of hands-on experience in working with exclusive clientele. Seamus started his career as a dedicated pension plan design consultant. His primary objective during this time was to allow business owners to accrue substantial account balances within tax qualified retirement plans. This is important because the owners of large businesses that are closely held typically prefer to transfer ownership to the next generation in a very specific and advantageous way. Specifically this means doing so either during their lifetime or as a smartly planned inheritance. This type of transfer strategy can in many instances create substantial tax burden. Seamus is innovative in his unique ability to create plans that capture maximum tax efficiency while creating advantageous liquidity for families. This is critical to ensuring that families are not placed in a "fire sale" type of situation. Seamus Frequently employs the use of captive insurance companies to achieve these objectives. A captive is a closely held insurance company established primarily to insure the risks of its parent company. Because business owners are often faced with steadily increasing insurance premiums a captive allows them to enjoy greater leverage and greater control over risk. Business owners are also able to recapture underwriting profits they were previously losing to commercial carriers. Seamus is a true leader and expert in the seamless integration of the business, captive and personal estate plan for business owners.