5 Easy Steps for Estate Planning

Everything for complete and comprehensive estate planning in one secure and centralized location


Step One - Sample VEPA Overview

This is a 15-20 minute “Virtual Meeting” that is conducted online with your Team Silver Rock Advisor.  The meeting is conducted on your computer in the comfort of your office or home.  Your Advisor will walk you through how we prepare and deliver our VEPA (see sample) or Virtual Estate Planning Analysis.  You will see in real time a completed sample plan, so you can experience the high quality of the analysis and documents that you will receive at the end of the process. Take me to your VEPA page now!

Step Two - Documents & Financial Statement to Silver Rock

The next step is for your Team Silver Rock Advisor to collect all relevant financial, insurance, and estate planning documents.  This allows our Team Silver Rock Analysts to review your current insurance and estate planning situation.  In this review, our retained attorneys can also review any legal documents.  All documents can be uploaded to us through the simple and convenient upload section of our website.  Also, if you do not have a “formal” financial statement you can use the data section of our website.  This will allow you to simply complete our forms and the information will then be accessed by our Analysts.  Our cutting edge process allows us to prepare a complete VEPA for you and to prepare your Team Silver Rock Advisor to deliver a comprehensive overview of your current situation. We then present and recommend any changes or techniques to make your plan either more cost efficient or more closely in line with your current needs.  Please be aware that any changes recommended to your legal documents should be brought to your counsel for review and implementation.  Silver Rock Partners does not practice law nor to we derive any revenue from legal services. Take me to your document upload feature now!

Step Three - Presentation

In your second Virtual Meeting, your Team Silver Rock Advisor will walk you through your personalized VEPA.  Again, this meeting shows you your plan page by page, in real time, and allows for productive open dialogue with your advisor.  This meeting includes a thorough review of all of the information that you provided to us and recommendations based upon your needs and wishes.  You can then either print your completed plan or save it with your other important documents on your computer.

Step Four - Implementation

Once you have decided to implement any of Team Silver Rock’s recommendations, we can then complete all of the forms necessary to make the changes to your plan upon in the exact way you have decided.  Again, this can all be done from your office or home without the necessity to meet with a sales person.

Step Five - Document Storage

If you so desire, we can store your plan and copies of all of your documents with our online partner Tresorit.  Tresorit is the most secure, encrypted, document storage company in the world.  Based in Switzerland, Tresorit has taken encrypted documents to the highest security levels available in the world today.  For a very reasonable annual fee, you can feel safe in knowing that your most personal documents are receiving the highest degree of protection and security available today in the virtual universe.  Please visit www.tresorit.com for more information on this very impressive service.


If at any point in the process you are not comfortable with either placing or sharing your personal information online, your Team Silver Rock Advisor will be happy to come by and meet with you and continue the process in person.  This option allows for our clients to decide what level of “virtual planning” they are comfortable with and can accommodate their needs either virtually or in a “traditional face-to–face meeting” scenario.  Also, please feel free to have your accountant or attorney present at any of your virtual or traditional meetings.  In all cases, we work closely with your advisors to bring you the most comprehensive team approach to your estate and insurance planning.